Digox 601 sodium

Analysers of the Digox 601 sodium series have been designed to meet the specific industrial quality requirements, in particular when it comes to:

Typical measurement points in power plants:


Automatic two-point calibration, adjustable time interval

Automatic temperature compensation

Control and monitoring of the adjustable pH-value

Minor concentration differences between reference solution and measuring solution

Cation exchanger for deionisation of the sample in calibration mode

Galvanically separated signal outputs

Upgradable, up to five sample channels with sequencer

Mains voltage:

Power requirement:
Protection class:

Power outputs:

Relay output:
Contact load:

Permissible ambient temperature:
Permissible air humidity:
Sample quantity:

Sample path:

Measurement principle:

Measurement range:
Temperature sensor:

Alkaline treatment:

Electrical safety:

85265VAC, 48-63Hz, parameter protection without batteries
IP65 (measuring transducer), IP54 (external housing)
LCD display, four lines, backlit
0(4)...20mA, maximum load 400 Ohm
Alarm relay with potential-free make contact. Releasing relay in case of failure (fail-safe)
6A/250V, maximum 550VA ohmic load (with RC contact protective circuit)
0 to 40C
Max. 90% at 40C (non-condensing)
520 l/h (overflow principle), minimum quantity 5 l/h
Single channel device, optionally upgradable with sequencers up to five sample channels,
additional laboratory sampling is possible
Differential measurement of two ion-sensitive Na electrodes
0.1ppb 2.000ppb
/-3% of the displayed measured value
Two-point calibration by means of adding a defined parent solution to the deionised sample stream, to be executed manually or automatically
pH-regulated with undiluted diisopropylamine, optionally ammonia solution
IEC 1010, IEC 664
700 x 500 x 280 mm (H x W x D)
Approx. 30 kg

Optionally available with Digox 601 sequenzer

By means of the Digox 601 sequenzer, up to 5 different sampling points can be sampled with the analyser Digox 601 sodium.

The control is realised by means of a SPS S7-214 XP. The communication with the sodium analyser Digox 601 sodium is carried out through an RS485 interface. The operation is effected through a TD200 operating display. The individual sample streams are led to the analyser via 3/2-way solenoid valves.